Sell Nonstop with an Online Spirit Wear Store

Online Spirit Wear Store 7How do you increase the profits from your spirit wear fundraiser? By making more sales! How do you make more sales? By making it convenient for customers to order! How do you make it convenient for customers to order? With an online spirit wear store!
24/7 Convenience
Selling spirit wear with an online spirit shop is as simple as it gets. Everyone is plugged into technology these days, and internet shopping is more popular than ever. Customers will love how easy it is to get custom apparel with your online spirit wear store. With an online store, customers can log on at any time — day or night — to view their options and place their orders. Paper order forms create work for customers because they’ve got to turn the forms back in to a teacher or fundraising committee member. They also create work for the fundraising committee because members have to collect the forms and send them to the spirit wear company. Plus, paper order forms are easily lost, and that puts a dent in your profits. This isn’t an issue with an online spirit wear store. It’s paperless, and orders go directly to the spirit wear company for processing. So as long as your customers can get to a computer, tablet or smartphone, they can place an order!
Safe & Secure Shopping
When you work with a reputable company like Win-Win, there’s no need to worry about security. Online spirit stores are set up on secure networks so your customers’ credit card information is protected.
Reduce Your Workload
Spirit wear programs that feature online stores are popular with fundraising committees because they are stress-free. In addition to bypassing the paper hassle, you can kick back and relax once you’re done promoting your fundraiser. For example, Win-Win goes through all orders to ensure there are no issues with the order itself or payment. If there is a problem, we’ll follow-up with the customer to get it resolved so you don’t have to!
Get an Online Spirit Wear Store of Your Own
If an online spirit wear store sounds intriguing to you, let us know! We can provide additional information or even get things going for you. You can’t beat our Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program, and an online store will allow you to rake in the profits. To reach us, call 1-877-6-WINWIN (694-6946) or email You can also submit a free proposal, and we’ll review your submission and contact you.

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