You’ll Love Our Custom Designs

Custom Designs 3 People love the bright colors and cool styles of spirit wear, but it’s the custom designs that really grab attention. With that in mind, it’s important that when you do a fundraiser that you work with a spirit wear company that has proven design skills. If you want to put on a successful program, you need a great-looking design! Believe it or not, custom designs are not just about art. There’s also science involved — the science of marketing. A design that some people think is great might not be as appealing to others. For you to meet your fundraising goals, your design needs to have a positive impact on your target audience. Get a logo with great artwork that all of your potential customers love, and you’ll be rolling in the dough! Win-Win offers the best of both worlds. We have years of industry marketing experience and an award-winning design team. We create custom designs that look good, as well as prompt a positive response from your market. Our designs incorporate the school’s name, mascot and colors. They range from childish and fun for the elementary school market to sharp and modern for the middle school and youth sports markets. We can take a concept you provide and bump it to the next level, or we can create a custom design completely from scratch. Our work speaks for itself. Take a look at some of our designs on our website or by visiting our Pinterest board. Our custom designs will not lose their luster when they go from concept to production. That’s because our equipment is top-notch. Whether the spirit wear garments you are selling are screen printed or embroidered, you can rest assured that they will look good and last a long time. Wondering what kind of custom designs we can do for you? Get your Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program started to find out!  Call us at 1-877-6-WINWIN (694-6946) or submit a free proposal and we’ll contact you.

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