Winston Star: Super Hero of Spirit Wear

Winston Star He’s fast, strong and always looks good. He’s friendly and helpful to everyone he meets, and he sure loves spirit wear! His name is Winston Star, and he’s the super mascot of Win-Win. You’ve probably noticed Winston on our social media pages or in our email blasts. But you might not know that he’s more than just a mascot; he’s the embodiment of everything our spirit wear company stands for. Winston Star is colorful, unique and stands out in a crowd — just like our spirit wear! When you do a spirit wear program with us, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of different garments and colors to match the unique style of your target market. We’ll also create you a custom design that will be printed on your garments that displays your school name and/or mascot. There’s no doubt that when you wear our spirit wear, you’ll be rolling in style! Another aspect of Winston Star is his super strength. It’s as strong as our customer service, which makes things easy for our clients. As we like to say, “We do the work. You keep the profit.” We do everything we can to make things go smoothly for you during your fundraiser. We provide you with full-color custom order forms and an online spirit wear store. We also make sure you receive an Easy Sell Checklist so that you can maximize the success of your program. We’ll even handle any questions or issues that arise during the ordering process so you don’t have to! Then, there’s Winston Star’s remarkable speed! Like Winston, we’re quick. We process orders quickly and pride ourselves on fast turn times so your customers don’t have to wait forever to receive their spirit wear. Just as important is your profit check. We know you have lots of other things going on, so we make sure you receive your check fast so your bank account doesn’t run dry! Simply put, Winston Star is super like our quality. You can trust us to provide you with an outstanding spirit wear experience. Every aspect of our Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program is done with quality in mind. You’ll get the best prices, the best garments, and the best service. We’ll have you excited to put on spirit wear programs year after year!

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