Ways to Increase Spirit Wear Sales

Increase Spirit Wear SalesFundraisers are as much about marketing as they are about sales. If you want to increase spirit wear sales this fall, you’ve got to take some steps to make sure you have an appealing program in place and then promote it as much as possible. How do you do that? Allow us to break it down for you…
Quality Spirit Wear Garments
The first step when working to increase spirit wear sales is to have a good product to offer to your customers. Your spirit wear needs to look great, feel great and have the durability to last regular wear and tear, as well as washing. To do this, make sure you ask your spirit wear company what you can expect. Find out the expected life of garments, and look at some custom design examples. In addition, it’s important to offer your customers popular items. Our research shows that short-sleeve T-shirts, long-sleeve T-shirts, crewnecks and hoodies sell better than everything else.
Promotion Checklist
You can boost your spirit wear sales by doing a good job promoting your fundraiser. Luckily, there are many things you can do to spread the word and get your customers excited about buying. The first thing is to hand out plenty of order forms and keep extras on hand so you don’t run out. The more people you can inform, the better! A common promotion technique is to hang up posters in the busiest areas of school: main office, cafeteria and hallways. Make them colorful and be sure to include a photo of the spirit wear and the order deadline. You can also promote your spirit wear program by utilizing the school’s outdoor sign, announcements, newsletters, etc. Don’t forget about online promotion! This is especially important if your ordering method is an online spirit wear store. Links to the store can be posted on the school website, sent in emails (like a school e-newsletter) and shared on social media sites. The most popular social networks are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+. Use them all and get your friends and followers to spread the word!
Make it Easy with an Easy Sell Program
At Win-Win, we do most of the work for our clients when they are going through the spirit wear process. Our Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program is the no cost, no risk, no worries approach to school or team fundraising. Among the many benefits we provide is the Easy Sell Checklist. It includes detailed suggestions that help make preparation and promotion a breeze. Contact us to find out how we can help you increase your spirit wear sales. Call 1-877-6-WINWIN (694-6946) or submit a free proposal.

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