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Free Proposal 5 If you’ve read some of our blog posts, you’ve probably noticed that many of them end with information about how to contact us. We list our phone number, but we also mention our free proposal. If you’re wondering what a free proposal is, read on because the free proposal is a convenient first step if you want information about any of our spirit wear programs. At Win-Win, we’re all about convenience. In addition to offering no-cost, no-risk spirit wear, we believe strongly in doing as much of the work as possible to make things easier for the PTOs, PTAs and fundraising committees we are fortunate enough to call our clients. The free proposal is just another feature that allows you to quickly and easily request information about our services and put the ball in our court. That’s because we review your information to learn about you and your needs, and then WE CONTACT YOU to get started. The free proposal is an online form that only takes a few minutes to complete. We ask for the obvious things like school/organization name and address, contact information and best time to contact you. But the form also includes fields that make it easy for us to get to know your school or organization, things like colors, mascot, size and target start date for your program (don’t worry; it’s just an estimate, not a commitment). You also can indicate which of our services you are interested in: Easy Sell Spirit Wear, Spirit Merchandise, Bulk Buy and Online Store. Finally, there’s a field for questions, comments and notes so you can include anything else the form doesn’t cover. The more we know about you and your school or organization up front, the easier (and faster) it is for us to provide you with the most detailed information possible. It also makes for a smooth transition when you’re ready to actually begin a program. This is what makes the free proposal so valuable! You can fill out a free proposal here. If you have any interest in learning more about our spirit wear options, it’s totally worth it!

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