Tips to Promote Spirit Wear Sales

Promote Spirit Wear Sales 3

Spirit wear fundraising can be a highly effective way of earning a profit and boosting school spirit. And another great thing about it is that if you work with the right spirit wear company, you won’t have much work to do at all! That said, if you really want your spirit wear program to exceed expectations, there are some tasks you can do to help. Here are some ways you can promote spirit wear sales:

Use Signage

It’s easy to promote spirit wear sales with signage like posters and flyers. It’s inexpensive, and there are plenty of great locations to post them: the office, lunch room, bulletin boards and hallways. There should be information posted wherever there is heavy foot traffic from students, teachers and even parents. Make sure your signs display all of the important information: photos of the custom designs and/or spirit wear garments, ways to order and deadline. If your school has an outdoor message sign, see if the school can post information on there as well. That way, the parents and other members of the community can learn about the fundraiser and participate if they wish.

Utilize Announcements

Many schools make announcements over a P.A. system and/or with bulletins. That’s another great way to promote your spirit wear sales. Ask school officials to include the details of your program in the announcements. It will serve as a daily reminder for everyone at school to place their orders! In addition, you can include announcements in the school or organization newsletter if available.

Go Online

It’s the age of technology, so using the web to promote spirit wear sales is a no-brainer! Start by posting information about your program on the school and/or organization website. From there, utilize social media. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are three of the most popular social networks, so make sure the details of your fundraiser are posted on them. And the great thing about social media is that it’s simple for people to share information with their friends. Word about your fundraiser will spread quickly! And if an online spirit wear store happens to be your ordering method, you’re in luck. You can post the link to your spirit shop on the web, and it will be a piece of cake for customers to order!

Promote Early and Often

Don’t wait until you get order forms or have your online store set up to promote your spirit wear program. To increase your success, start spreading the word as soon as you start finalizing the details. If you can get people excited about spirit wear early, the orders will come rolling in when your program begins.

Get an Easy Sell Checklist

When you do an Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program with Win-Win, it’s even easier to promote spirit wear sales. That’s because we provide you with our Easy Sell Checklist to keep you on track. It’s a form that details a number of great ways to make your fundraiser a success. Simply check off the tasks as you get them done, and rest easy knowing you are doing everything possible to let people know about your program. For more information, give us a call at 1-877-6-WINWIN (694-6946) or submit a free proposal.

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