Think Outside the Box When It Comes to Spirit Wear Fundraising

We at Win-Win SW can help you succeed with your spirit wear fundraiser. We have years of experience both as professionals and as PTO/PTA members and coaches, and we’re here to offer you our insight and expertise. We’ve put together some ideas and activities that can help you increase you sales and meet your goals.

Do you want to sell spirit wear as your school fundraiser, but people just aren’t interested in purchasing the same sweatshirt or t-shirt that they bought last year? Think outside the box, and get your whole school involved in showing school pride.

Here are five tips for increasing interest in your spirit wear fundraiser:

  1. Use the same graphics, like the school logo or mascot, and make a different colored shirts for each grade. Every child will want a new “class” shirt each year to show their class pride.
  2. Get your principal and administration in on the fun. Make every Friday “Spirit Day.” Have contests to see which class, homeroom, or grade has the best participation.
  3. If your school has a uniform dress code, make a shirt or sweatshirt (school approved) that they can wear only on specially designated school spirit days. Anyone who’s ever had to wear a uniform loves when they have a break from the standard attire.
  4. Do you have a concession stand or a school bookstore where students can buy food or supplies? Consider adding a school spirit section that stocks t-shirt, sweatshirts, umbrellas and other apparel. You may find you have some rainy day shopping sprees.
  5. Have you considered selling a few of your items to local neighborhood stores? If you have a great sports team or strong school pride in the community, you may be missing out on a segment of the population that don’t have easy access to your spirit wear apparel.

These are just a few ideas to help you start your year with a successful school spirit wear sale. We at Win-Win want to ensure that you have a successful fundraiser.

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