The Best School Fundraising Ideas for PTOs/PTAs

fundraising_ideas_schools_youth_sports_teams The fundraising committees of PTOs and PTAs work hard to plan and carry out school fundraisers that go over well. It’s frustrating to put in a lot of time and effort and not get a positive result. With all of the possible options out there and the abundance of fundraising companies, it can be tough to set up a program that offers the desirable combination of simplicity and success. But that won’t be the case after you read “Top 10 School Fundraising Ideas: Tips & Trends for PTO’s, PTA’s & Youth Sports.” If you are searching for an easy, effective and fun way to fundraise, “Top 10 School Fundraising Ideas” is the answer. You’ll no longer need to spend hours researching school fundraising ideas because we’ve sorted through the chaos for you. The best ideas and the steps to implement them are at your fingertips! “Top 10 School Fundraising Ideas” is loaded with tools and tips from industry professionals. You’ll be able to tap into their sales and marketing knowledge to put on fundraisers that will generate a lot of interest … and money! The guide is a must-have for parent groups, school organizations and youth sports teams. You’re probably thinking there’s a catch, right? Well there’s not! “Top 10 School Fundraising Ideas” has information you can use time after time, and you can get it at absolutely no cost. It’s a FREE download that you can get right on our website, and it’s as simple as submitting a short form. Once you have the guide, you’ll be able to make a lot of money while doing little work and having a lot of fun. There’s still time to use the ideas to get a fundraiser going before school’s out, or you can get a great jump on fundraisers for the summer or next school year. Whatever you choose, enjoy that fact that you have a bank of school fundraising ideas to choose from!

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