Take Your Fundraiser to the Next Level with the Internet

Mother and daughter on laptop Want to make your next school fundraising program a smashing success? Silly question. Of course you do! You’re in luck, because there are now more ways than ever to spread the word and get the results you’re looking for. If you’ve never considered using the Internet, now is the time!

24/7 Convenience

Everyone’s busy these days, and it can be hard to find time to get to all of the bake sales, craft shows, and other fundraising events that can quickly fill your schedule. School spirit wear fundraisers are popular, but paper order forms limit your reach — and are also easily misplaced or destroyed by the family pet! The Internet can help make things easier! Expand your sales opportunities by adding an online bidding option for auctions, producing an online order form, or setting up an online spirit wear store. There are even mobile apps out there to help you out. Now, anyone near or far can get in on the action at any time!

Go viral

School fundraising is no longer solely reliant on posters, outdoor signs, and school newsletters for advertising. Yes, they do still work and should be used, but the Internet can really broaden your reach. Consider sending an email to parents with information about the school fundraising program and provide links to online order forms or the online spirit wear store. Parents can forward the email to family and friends throughout the state or even the nation! Social media is all the rage right now, so promote the fundraiser on Facebook and Twitter and let the “Shares” and “Retweets” spread the word!

We’re here to help!

If spirit wear fundraising is your thing, Win-Win can make things easy for you with our Easy-Sell program. We know the importance of the Internet, and that’s why we provide an e-link, Facebook post, and even a customized online spirit wear store to help take your fundraiser to the next level! For more information, visit www.winwinspiritwear.com/online-store

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