Pick Out the Best Spirit Wear Garments

Spirit wear fundraisers are known for their options. Organizations putting on programs get to choose from dozens of possible garment styles, and almost any type of clothing item can be turned into spirit wear. All it takes is a custom design! However, with spirit wear programs, it’s not about how many items are offered. It’s … Continued

Custom Apparel Needs the Best Logos

Custom apparel can either be really cool, average or not good. It all depends on the quality of the custom designs. Keep this in mind when doing a spirit wear fundraiser. It doesn’t matter if you have the top clothing brands and the most popular garment styles, if the logos aren’t appealing, your customers won’t … Continued

Custom Designs Make Selling Simple

What makes spirit wear special? The custom designs of course! Without them, you’ve got just another T-shirt. If you’re a fundraising committee member, the easier it is to sell something the better. You don’t always get that luxury, but a spirit wear fundraiser is as close as you can get. Garments with well-crafted custom designs … Continued

Create a Uniform Look with Spirit Wear

Spirit wear offers a stylish look and long-lasting durability that is hard to beat. Students of all ages love showing off their school pride, which creates a great opportunity to establish a uniform look at school. You don’t have to be a uniform school to use spirit wear to build community because it’s something everyone loves. … Continued

Customize Everything About Your Spirit Wear

One of the best things about spirit wear programs is that you have the ability to tailor so many things to your specific needs. That’s why spirit wear fundraisers have so much success. When you can have every element designed to appeal to your target market, you are going to make a lot of sales. … Continued

Get Your Field Day and Graduation Spirit Wear

Have you got spring fever yet? Now that it’s March, you can really start thinking about the springtime events going on at your child’s school. When the temperatures warm up, many schools have their field days. And not long after that, it will be time for graduation. Do you know what goes great with those … Continued

It’s Our Busy Season!

Things have been crazy around Win-Win headquarters lately, and that can only mean one thing — our busy season is in full swing! The phones are ringing off the hook, the email inboxes are filling up and the T-shirt presses are working overtime. Spirit wear is obviously hot right now, and that’s something everyone can … Continued

Customers Love Our Spirit Wear

There’s nothing that makes us happier than having happy customers. Because of this, we work extremely hard to make sure that customers love our spirit wear each and every time they place an order! Here at Win-Win, we believe we are a top option when it comes to spirit wear programs. But ultimately, that’s up … Continued

Fundraise With Spirit Wear

Win-Win Spiritwear knows how to fundraise for your school or organization! We do the work, and you keep the profit! Set up a spirit wear program with Win-Win and get a cool custom t-shirt logo and make money too! It also makes a great fundraiser for PTOs and PTAs!