Your Custom Design Options

One of the common topics of discussion between fundraising organizations and spirit wear companies is the custom design. It is an important discussion because the logo is what makes spirit wear unique and attracts customers. Fundraising groups want to know what the company can and can’t do before deciding if they want to proceed with … Continued

Get Spirit Merchandise for Your School or Team

Spirit wear garments are the most common custom items found at schools or sporting events. They’re at the heart of all spirit wear fundraisers. However, you do have other ways to promote school and team pride. Spirit merchandise is also worth considering, and there are lots of options from which to choose. Fundraise by Reselling … Continued

Always Time for Spirit Wear

We are starting to get close to the end of peak spirit wear season, but don’t worry if your organization hasn’t done a program yet! There’s always time for spirit wear! It’s true that the first month of the fall semester is the most popular time for fundraisers. However, if you can offer great products … Continued

Pick Out the Best Spirit Wear Garments

Spirit wear fundraisers are known for their options. Organizations putting on programs get to choose from dozens of possible garment styles, and almost any type of clothing item can be turned into spirit wear. All it takes is a custom design! However, with spirit wear programs, it’s not about how many items are offered. It’s … Continued

Fall is Spirit Wear Season

School is back in session, and the temperatures are starting to drop. That can only mean one thing. It’s fall spirit wear season! August, September and October are the months when spirit wear fundraising is at its peak. Organizations across the country utilize spirit wear to make money while promoting school and team spirit. It … Continued

Download Spiritwear Success to Boost Your Sales

Successful spirit wear fundraisers don’t just happen. It’s not as simple as picking out a few garments, handing out order forms and raking in sales. The most profitable programs require a calculated approach, extensive promotion and convenient ordering methods. If you are getting ready to kick off a program, make sure you have access to … Continued

It’s Spirit Wear Season

Spirit wear is great year-round, but there are certain times when its popularity peaks. One of those times is here. That’s right; it’s spirit wear season! The beginning of the school year is the top time for spirit wear fundraisers. If your organization is in need of a proven fundraising idea to kick off the … Continued

Avoid Fundraising Fatigue

When school begins, so does peak fundraising season. If you’ve been a PTO or PTA member for any length of time — and especially if you’ve been on the fundraising committee — you know that fundraising is necessary to better the school experience of students. However, one of the struggles is that it is easy … Continued

We’re at Your Service

Spirit wear fundraisers have several moving parts — garment selection, price setting, custom design creation, ordering, decorating, fulfillment…the list of tasks goes on and on. In addition, they require collaboration between your fundraising organization and the spirit wear company. There’s certainly much more going on than there is with other fundraisers like car washes or … Continued

Start the School Year with Spirit Wear

The beginning of the school year is when many PTOs and PTAs do the majority of their fundraising. There are all kinds of different options when it comes to fundraising. Spirit wear programs are popular when students and teachers get back to school, and they are proven to earn good profits. Build Excitement Why do … Continued