Spirit Wear Customization for Any Taste

Spirit wear fundraising is not one size fits all. Fundraising organizations find it appealing because of its flexibility. There are plenty of opportunities to make the program unique. Spirit wear customization makes it easier for PTOs and PTAs to meet their fundraising goals because they can offer exactly what their customers want. Build Your Own … Continued

Ways to Increase Spirit Wear Sales

Fundraisers are as much about marketing as they are about sales. If you want to increase spirit wear sales this fall, you’ve got to take some steps to make sure you have an appealing program in place and then promote it as much as possible. How do you do that? Allow us to break it … Continued

Get Your Spirit Wear Now

Fall is the most popular time for fundraising. There’s more excitement at schools at the beginning of the school year than any other time. As a result, many organizations take advantage by doing their fundraisers and earning the money they need to operate for the rest of the year. Spirit wear fundraising is fun and … Continued

We’re at Your Service

Spirit wear fundraisers have several moving parts — garment selection, price setting, custom design creation, ordering, decorating, fulfillment…the list of tasks goes on and on. In addition, they require collaboration between your fundraising organization and the spirit wear company. There’s certainly much more going on than there is with other fundraisers like car washes or … Continued

One-of-a-Kind Custom Designs

Have you ever been shopping and seen something that looked so good you just had to have it? That is the same reaction you want to get this fundraising season. If you do a spirit wear fundraiser, one of the most important factors to consider is the logo. It’s the thing that makes the garments … Continued

Sell Nonstop with an Online Spirit Wear Store

How do you increase the profits from your spirit wear fundraiser? By making more sales! How do you make more sales? By making it convenient for customers to order! How do you make it convenient for customers to order? With an online spirit wear store! 24/7 Convenience Selling spirit wear with an online spirit shop … Continued

Get Must-Have Tips From “Spiritwear Success”

Looking for a good fundraising idea for your school or youth sports team? Give spirit wear a try! Spirit wear fundraising is a fun and effective way to boost school or team pride while earning great profits. In order to get the best results, you need the right resources. One of them is “Spiritwear Success: … Continued