Your Custom Design Options

One of the common topics of discussion between fundraising organizations and spirit wear companies is the custom design. It is an important discussion because the logo is what makes spirit wear unique and attracts customers. Fundraising groups want to know what the company can and can’t do before deciding if they want to proceed with … Continued

Bulk Buy Spirit Wear Garments

Spirit wear is appealing because it can be customized to fit any need. A custom design can be applied to just about any garment. The designs can range from general school logos to specific logos for certain school organizations, clubs or sports teams. The only limitation is your imagination! For this reason, many PTOs, PTAs … Continued

Always Time for Spirit Wear

We are starting to get close to the end of peak spirit wear season, but don’t worry if your organization hasn’t done a program yet! There’s always time for spirit wear! It’s true that the first month of the fall semester is the most popular time for fundraisers. However, if you can offer great products … Continued

Download Spiritwear Success to Boost Your Sales

Successful spirit wear fundraisers don’t just happen. It’s not as simple as picking out a few garments, handing out order forms and raking in sales. The most profitable programs require a calculated approach, extensive promotion and convenient ordering methods. If you are getting ready to kick off a program, make sure you have access to … Continued

Get a Custom Spirit Wear Proposal

One of the main questions fundraising organizations ask when researching spirit wear is, “How does the program work?” Some information is available on the websites of spirit wear companies, but to really understand all of the details, a conversation with a company representative is necessary. Even then, it can take some time to get a … Continued

Custom Apparel Needs the Best Logos

Custom apparel can either be really cool, average or not good. It all depends on the quality of the custom designs. Keep this in mind when doing a spirit wear fundraiser. It doesn’t matter if you have the top clothing brands and the most popular garment styles, if the logos aren’t appealing, your customers won’t … Continued

Get a Head Start on Your Fall Spirit Wear Program

It may seem like the start of school is still a long way away, but it can sneak up on you in a hurry. Be the ultimate PTO/PTA member and get things in motion for the new school year. To help out the fundraising committee and set your organization up for success, try a fall … Continued

Customization Options for Everyone

One of the things people look for in a spirit wear fundraiser is the ability to really make it their own. They want something one-of-a-kind that they can’t get anywhere else. In fact, the number of customization options offered by spirit wear companies can sometimes be the difference in whether or not a school or … Continued

Choosing Spirit Wear Garments for Your Program

One of the first things you need to decide when doing a spirit wear program is what garments you are going to offer to your customers. Most spirit wear companies offer a number of different options. Win-Win is no exception. Just look at our online spirit wear catalog — and that is just a sample … Continued

With Spirit Wear, You Can Customize Everything

Everyone has their own unique style. You know what else is unique? Spirit wear! Spirit wear fundraisers are unlike any other fundraiser because the customer has a say in the finished product and can get it designed to fit his or her personality. When it comes to school or team apparel, customers love having the … Continued