School Fundraising Ideas Built for Success

If you sat down and made a list of all of the possible school fundraisers your organization could do, it probably would be pretty long. It’s nice to have options, but every fundraiser is different. And not all of them have the appeal to be as successful as you’d like. Don’t waste your time on … Continued

Customer Service at its Finest

There are two major things to consider when selecting a spirit wear company to work with for a school fundraiser. The first is obviously the product. Your program will not be a success if it does not include quality spirit wear. The second is customer service. It might not be the qualification at the top … Continued

Our Spirit Merchandise Options are Endless

Are you a creative person? Is your organization looking for something totally unique or outside the box? If so, then maybe you should consider spirit merchandise for your next school fundraiser or bulk buy. Spirit merchandise is a great alternative to spirit wear or a fun addition to a spirit wear program. And if you … Continued

Spirit Wear Trends to Consider

Are you considering a spirit wear program for the first time? Or are you a spirit wear pro just looking to try something new? Either way, we want to fill you in on some spirit wear trends that you should be aware of before your next school fundraiser. We want your spirit wear to stand … Continued

Your Online Spirit Wear Store Awaits

We know that shopping on the web is popular, so we provide an online spirit wear store for every school that does a spirit wear fundraiser with Win-Win. Now, your PTO, PTA or fundraising organization can reach more people than ever before! What is It? An online spirit wear store is an Internet page designed … Continued