Avoid Fundraising Fatigue

When school begins, so does peak fundraising season. If you’ve been a PTO or PTA member for any length of time — and especially if you’ve been on the fundraising committee — you know that fundraising is necessary to better the school experience of students. However, one of the struggles is that it is easy … Continued

Get Started with a Free Proposal

When you’re doing a fundraiser that requires the help of an outside company, the process can be hit and miss. It depends on how, or even if, you can get on the same page. Have you ever contacted a fundraising company to ask about their offerings only to go another direction because of uncertainty about … Continued

You Deserve the Best Customer Service

If you’re a member of the fundraising committee for your PTO or PTA, there’s a good chance you’ve had to deal with a fundraising company. How did that go? If your answer is anything other than great, you have the right to be disappointed. When it comes to making a difference at your child’s school, … Continued