Get a Custom Spirit Wear Proposal

One of the main questions fundraising organizations ask when researching spirit wear is, “How does the program work?” Some information is available on the websites of spirit wear companies, but to really understand all of the details, a conversation with a company representative is necessary. Even then, it can take some time to get a … Continued

Bulk Buy Unbeatable Custom Apparel

At Win-Win, we offer a variety of options to allow fundraising groups to customize their program to fit their particular needs. The Easy Sell Program is our headliner, but the Bulk Buy Program has its advantages as well. A bulk buy is great for organizations that have specific spirit wear items in mind and don’t … Continued

Establish Community with Bulk Buy Spirit Wear

Are you looking for a way to promote school spirit? Do you have an event coming up and need apparel for workers or guests? Do you know any teams or fans looking to show off their pride? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you should consider spirit wear. When you bulk … Continued

Embroidery for Your Gear

Included among the many options you have for spirit wear are decorating methods. Screen printing, embroidery, rhinestone application, sequin application and heat transfer are just a few. You’re probably familiar with screen printing because it’s the most common. However, embroidery is also very popular and works better than screen printing in some instances. Read on … Continued

Want Information? Submit a Free Proposal

If you’ve read some of our blog posts, you’ve probably noticed that many of them end with information about how to contact us. We list our phone number, but we also mention our free proposal. If you’re wondering what a free proposal is, read on because the free proposal is a convenient first step if … Continued

Gear Up with a Team or Event Bulk Buy

School may be over soon, but summer isn’t all about kicking back and relaxing. There are still plenty of things that keep both kids and parents busy. Do you know which items are the most popular at summer events? That’s right — T-shirts! Think about it; just about every summer event, especially sporting events, includes … Continued

Get a Free Proposal to Get Started

You might be wondering what the best way to set started with an Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program is. We are happy to speak on the phone or reply via email, or you might like the convenience of our free proposal. Located on our website, a free proposal gives us a snapshot of your school … Continued

Take Some Time to Explore Our Website

Earlier this year, we unveiled a new website. Have you checked it out yet? There’s no better place to learn about Win-Win and everything we do. If you are interested in spirit wear, is the place to be! If you are a member of a PTO, PTA or fundraising committee, you can use our … Continued

Get the Spirit Gear You’re Looking For

There are many ways to increase school spirit. One of them is to offer students, staff and parents spirit gear, which includes spirit wear garments and spirit merchandise. That apparel instills pride in everyone who has it and builds unity within the school. Win-Win has an enormous selection of spirit gear that would be perfect … Continued

Stay Warm with Winter Weather Spirit Wear

It’s that time of year again when the temperatures are low and snowflakes color the landscape white. Warm clothes are a must, and what better way to brighten spirits during the gloomy winter months than with toasty, cozy spirit wear? Win-Win has a variety of winter weather spirit wear options that are perfect for an … Continued