Stick with Tried and True Spirit Wear

Tried and True Spirit Wear There are several garment styles and a variety of decorating methods out there. It’s easy to be tempted to try something trendy for your next spirit wear fundraiser. And we know trendy! We offer a huge selection of brands and styles in our blank garment showroom, and we can decorate garments with flashy applications like rhinestones and glittery inks. But here’s some advice we give to our clients: We are happy to provide you with whichever garments and designs you want, but if you want to really increase your profits, don’t forget about tried and true spirit wear! Tried and true spirit wear includes garments like T-shirts, sweatshirts and tie-dyes. And the tried and true decorating method is screen printing. You might think this is too ordinary, but it works! There’s a reason these screen printed garments are still so popular. So if you want your spirit wear fundraiser to be a big success, give the people what they want! Screen printed T-shirts, sweatshirts and tie-dyes are tried and true because they are comfortable, durable and good-looking. They are garments people can wear often — at school, at the store or at home. Your customers will be more willing to make a purchase if they can get something they can wear anytime. Standard screen printed spirit wear has no limits with regards to a target market. It’s perfect for people of all ages and social status. If you ask our clients who have put on successful spirit wear programs, most of them will tell you to stick to the basics. The tried and true spirit wear just sells. If you really want to offer some trendy items for your spirit wear fundraiser, no problem. Those select items can make you some money. Offer those in addition to the tried and true classics, and you’ll really see your profits soar!

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