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Social Media 5 You can keep spirit wear information at the tip of your fingers at all times thanks to social media. Whether you’ve got apps on your smartphone or use your computer or tablet at home, we want you to connect with Win-Win. There are a number of benefits, and you don’t want to miss out! Social media has become a great forum to collect ideas, find information and interact with like-minded individuals. As a result, we stay active on the top social networks to provide the most up to date news and updates to our customers, PTOs, PTAs, fundraising committees and spirit wear fans in general. You can find us on all of the top social sites, so connect with us today! Spirit wear is colorful, fun and unique, so it’s perfect for Pinterest. Our Pinterest page is a great source to see what we’re all about. We have five boards that not only serve as informational tools, but also provide visual appeal that is perfect for sparking creativity. We have boards for the two segments of our business — spirit wear and sports wear — where we provide links to blogs and information about our services. One of our most active boards is our design ideas board, where we have compiled many of our best custom designs. When you do a spirit wear fundraiser with Win-Win, you’ll get an awesome logo of your own! Finally, we want to help organizations find success even if they use something other than spirit wear. So we’ve got boards with teacher appreciation and school fundraising ideas. School will be out soon, and don’t forget to get the teachers something to say “thank you” or start preparing for next year’s fundraising efforts. We also post links to all of our blogs on Facebook. But one of the features that really makes our page a must-like is the benefit it provides when you are doing an Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program. If you’re using an online spirit wear store as your ordering method, we’ll post a link to the store on our page. You can share the link with all of your Facebook friends to spread awareness. It will have a big impact on your sales! Finally, we’re on Twitter. It includes blog links and pictures just like our other networks, just in a more short-form format. You can like tweets to save them for future reference or retweet them to all of your followers. Don’t miss out on the must-have information and spirit wear fun! Find us on social media and like or follow our pages. And don’t forget to tell your friends!

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