Spirit Wear Trends to Consider

Spirit Wear Trends Are you considering a spirit wear program for the first time? Or are you a spirit wear pro just looking to try something new? Either way, we want to fill you in on some spirit wear trends that you should be aware of before your next school fundraiser. We want your spirit wear to stand out above the rest! There are so many options available when it comes to spirit wear that it can be tough to decide which garments to sell and what kind of designs to feature. Our advice to you is make it unique! Everyone loves to be different and stand out in a crowd, so why not sell spirit wear that reflects that personality? Who doesn’t love a little bling? You can make your school really shine by offering spirit wear with rhinestones. Sparkly writing on a cool shirt is sure to turn heads. You also can get shirts printed with glittery inks. How awesome is that?! Another one of the hottest spirit wear trends right now is the classic tie-dye. That’s right, it’s an oldie but goodie that’s still going strong. And we’re not just talking about the traditional rainbow tie-dye. You can select a blend of any colors you want. How about really pumping up the school spirit with tie-dye spirit wear that features your school’s colors? The tie-dye is especially popular in the elementary school market, so don’t let that opportunity pass without giving it some thought. If you don’t believe us, we can prove that we know what we are talking about. We have the numbers to prove it! Schools love their spirit wear to stand out. The brighter and flashier the better! So, are you ready to follow the spirit wear trends and really make your school shine? Explore our website to learn more or give us a call at 1-877-6-WIN-WIN (694-6946) to get started!

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