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Spirit Wear NowFall is the most popular time for fundraising. There’s more excitement at schools at the beginning of the school year than any other time. As a result, many organizations take advantage by doing their fundraisers and earning the money they need to operate for the rest of the year. Spirit wear fundraising is fun and effective, so why not get your program started now?
Build School Spirit
Spirit wear programs aren’t just about raising money. Spirit wear promotes school spirit and builds unity within the school. Custom apparel decorated with a school logo allows students, teachers and parents to show off their pride and let everyone know how much they enjoy the school. Some schools that require students to wear uniforms have even begun to add spirit wear to the list of allowable garments.
Don’t Delay
It’s not too late to begin a program. If you work with the right spirit wear company, you can have your program in place quickly. You’ll be promoting your fundraiser and getting your customers excited before the back-to-school enthusiasm wears off!
Make Spirit Wear Easy
One of the hang-ups fundraising organizations have when deciding on fundraising options is the amount of work it will take to execute. Fundraisers that will take up a lot of time and require the help of many volunteers are less desirable. Luckily, spirit wear fundraisers are simple, especially when they are set up like Win-Win’s Easy Sell Program. The Easy Sell Program is designed to leave almost all of the work to the professionals. Win-Win is responsible for providing ordering methods (paper forms or an online store), managing and fulfilling orders and making product distribution a breeze. Plus, you can count on assistance throughout on steps ranging from garment selection, price setting and program promotion. It’s spirit wear fundraising made easy, and base programs come at no cost!
Get Started or Learn More
Does spirit wear fundraising sound intriguing to you? We can provide more information and get you set up with a program that will help you meet your fundraising goals. You can either call 1-877-6-WINWIN (694-6946) or utilize the free proposal on our website.

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