Spirit Wear Fundraising Made Easy

Spirit Wear Fundraising There’s an easy solution for your organization’s school fundraising worries — spirit wear! PTOs and PTAs all over the country turn to spirit wear sales every year to earn profits and provide students, parents and teachers with merchandise they love. It’s true that there’s a lot to consider when doing spirit wear fundraising, and the success of your program often depends on the quality of the spirit wear company you select. But things aren’t complicated with Win-Win, which really offers spirit wear fundraising made easy. “Easy” is a word that comes up often with us because one of our major goals is making the spirit wear process easy for our customers. There are no costs and no risks with our Easy Sell Spirit Wear Fundraising Program. So, what is it? Win-Win’s Easy Sell Spirit Wear Fundraising Program is the best way to sell spirit wear. Your group will get a customized experience, quality products, outstanding service and a big profit check — all while letting us do the work. You can’t ask for more! It all starts with one of our knowledgeable account representatives assisting you in choosing the spirit wear garments you want to sell and the prices you want to place on them based on the profit goals of your group. We have the most popular styles that everyone wants, so you’ll have no problem making sales. We’ll then turn your school’s mascot and color information over to our talented designers so they can create attractive custom designs to print on your spirit wear garments. Want to see what they can do? Check out some of their work. From there, we’ll print you custom, full-color order forms that showcase your spirit wear, including your awesome designs. We’ll make sure you get as many order forms as you need, because we’re sure you’ll have lots of interested customers. We also help maximize profits by setting up an online spirit wear store that your customers can use to place orders, even if they don’t live close to your location. We handle all orders, payments, questions and issues so all you need to do is promote your fundraiser! After your sales deadline, we’ll get to work producing items. We have fast turn times, so your customers will have their spirit wear in no time! You’ll also receive your profit check, and it will probably keep you selling spirit wear year after year. Spirit wear fundraising can’t get any easier than that. If you want to learn more, click here. This is the most popular time to sell spirit wear, so contact us now to get started!

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