Spirit Wear Customization for Any Taste

Spirit Wear CustomizationSpirit wear fundraising is not one size fits all. Fundraising organizations find it appealing because of its flexibility. There are plenty of opportunities to make the program unique. Spirit wear customization makes it easier for PTOs and PTAs to meet their fundraising goals because they can offer exactly what their customers want.
Build Your Own Program
Just about every aspect of a spirit wear program can be customized, and it starts with the garment offerings. A good spirit wear company will allow you to choose from a list of various spirit wear garments. You should be able to mix and match to find the right combination and even include spirit merchandise if you like! In addition, spirit wear programs let you set the prices. When you consider your target market, you’ll be able to decide what prices will bring in the fundraising profits you need. Then, of course, you’ll get a custom design to decorate your garments that will represent your school or team and boost spirit and pride. Here are some of our spirit wear design examples.
No Generic Ordering
Spirit wear customization includes ordering as well! Paper order forms are custom-designed and printed in full color just like the spirit wear itself. It’s the best way to show customers exactly what the finished spirit wear will look like. This is sure to help drive up your fundraising profits. Online spirit wear stores are an option as well, and it’s like having your own personal fundraising website. In addition, spirit wear fundraisers can give customers extra customization options. For example, Win-Win allows buyers to get their names and/or numbers added to the backs of garments. It makes a unique item even more one of a kind!
Check Out All Our Spirit Wear Customization Options
Win-Win prides itself on offering all of the customization options listed in this post. Our Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program puts the power in your hands and the work in ours. We can help you put together a spirit wear fundraiser that will get attention and produce results. Learn more or get started on your personalized program by calling 1-877-6-WINWIN (694-6946) or sending us a free proposal.

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