Show School Spirit with Senior T-Shirts

School spirit is the emotional support you show for your school. It is the attitude of each student in the school to uplift motivation within the institution. There are many ways to show school spirit. You show it by supporting your school during the game, watching events conducted by your school, and through distribution of school items. These include shirts, jackets, and other items.

Wearing 2014 Senior T-Shirts to Show School Spirit

Students wear shirts, jackets, and other items during on- or off-campus events to show support for their school. For instance, seniors may wear senior T-shirts before they leave their school when they graduate. Senior T-shirts worn by a graduating class show their pride for their alma mater. For this year, there are a lot of available 2014 senior T-shirts that students wear as the school year ends. They are of different designs and slogans, fit for showing your love for your school.

Factors to Consider When Designing Senior T-Shirts

There are many factors to consider in creating unique, prideful senior T-shirts. Here are some factors to consider: 1. Garment to use T-shirts can be short-sleeved, long-sleeved, or come in tank top. These are also available in any color. Aside from T-shirts, consider adding the school logo to other garments like jackets, sweatshirts, sportswear, and caps. 2. Design For the graduating class, there are a lot of designs you can use for T-shirts. Shirts can have the logo of the school, the graduating year, and a slogan or tagline of the graduating batch. The class could even provide their set of designs they want for their T-shirts. 3. Printing process Printing media is based on the design of the shirt. The most common printing process is a silkscreen printing. It is the perfect choice to highlight every detail in the design. With this method, you can use any ink like metallic, glitter, puff, and neon inks to make the designs stand out. If you want to stay within a budget, you may opt to choose hot press printing, as it is convenient and inexpensive.

Register with Win-Win to Design and Sell Senior T-Shirts

As seniors are getting ready to graduate, it will be their last opportunity to show how supportive they are of the school. And to show that school spirit, wearing senior T-shirts gives them a lasting way to commemorate their year of graduation. Registering and getting your online spirit wear store set up is quick and easy! We make it easy for you to earn money for your school by selling senior T-shirts and other apparel. Sign up today!

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