Start the School Year with Spirit Wear

School Spirit Wear 2The beginning of the school year is when many PTOs and PTAs do the majority of their fundraising. There are all kinds of different options when it comes to fundraising. Spirit wear programs are popular when students and teachers get back to school, and they are proven to earn good profits.
Build Excitement
Why do spirit wear fundraisers go over so well, especially at the start of school? Because it’s the perfect time to build excitement and school unity. Students, parents and teachers all have a lot of pride in their school. Spirit wear lets them show it off. Plus, it’s always nice to have new clothes to wear once classes begin again.
Easy Money
Schedules fill up quickly once school starts, so the easier the fundraiser is, the better. It doesn’t get much easier than a spirit wear program, especially Win-Win’s Easy Sell Program. It’s fundraising made easy because there’s so little work for you! We help you select garments and set prices based on your target market. That will help ensure your program is set up to maximize your profits. All there really is for you to do is hand out and collect order forms (provided by us) and spread the word about your fundraiser. And you won’t even have to do that much if you choose to sell using an online spirit wear store instead! We take care of absolutely everything else. Good luck finding another fundraiser as simple as that!
Quality Throughout
Just because the Easy Sell Program is simple for you doesn’t mean you have to lower your expectations. We make sure everything we provide is top-notch, from products to service and everything in between. We offer the most popular spirit wear garments — T-shirts, tie-dyes, crewnecks and hoodies — and decorate them with the best designs in the industry. We manage all orders and follow up on any issues so that you don’t have to! Finally, we fulfill orders not long after your program deadline so that your customers don’t have a long wait for their spirit wear.
Why Not Give Spirit Wear a Shot?
If you’re looking for an unbeatable fundraiser to start the new school year, look no further than spirit wear. It’s easy, and it works. School will be starting soon, so get started today. You can learn more or start putting together your program by calling 1-877-6-WINWIN (694-6946) or submitting a free proposal.

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