Return Policy

Was it something we said? Why would you give our stuff back? Win-Win provides superior quality garment decorating services. However, sometimes even we make mistakes. If we cause a garment to be flawed or damaged as a result of our decorating we will replace the garment free of charge.  We try really hard to buy the best blank garments for decorating but we cannot guarantee manufacturer’s garment quality. So if you receive a garment flawed by the manufacturer, we will replace and redecorate that garment for half the original price. Garments cannot be returned or exchanged for any other reason. Even the best of friends have a few rules, we have 2. First, if you want to make a return, please do so within 30 days of your purchase. Second, if you damaged it please don’t try to return it. We promise to always be fair with you when you’re fair with us.