Make Your School Fundraisers Count

School Financing How often should we put on school fundraisers? That’s a common question that comes up when PTOs and PTAs are planning and scheduling. On the one hand, it’s important to stay active and raise money for the organization and school. On the other, you don’t want your members and the school community to get burned out. So what do you do? For best results, definitely shoot for quality over quantity! Although they can be fun, school fundraisers typically require a lot from people. You need quite a bit of time to plan and then run the event, not to mention volunteers to get everything done. Then, you require customers (AKA parents, staff and students) to spend or donate money. Putting on school fundraising programs too often can cause a decrease in participation, which is something you want to avoid! Instead, focus on getting the most bang for your buck, so to speak, and put together events that will have high participation and high returns so you can take a fundraising break at the conclusion. What kind of events are the most successful? That varies from school to school depending on their make-up. Use your judgement, or better yet, do a survey to find out what everyone would be interested in! Many schools have success with box top programs, bake sales, silent auctions and spirit wear sales. Our numbers show that spirit wear is very popular, and spirit wear fundraisers are done at a variety of different schools covering a diverse group of people. There’s something about having stylish, custom apparel that brings out school pride and puts smiles on everyone’s faces. And the best part about spirit wear is that it’s really easy and brings in good profits! How often you fundraise will vary depending on your goals and available resources. A good plan is to aim for one or two large, successful fundraisers a year. That will free up time for your organization and everyone at the school, and that’s something everyone will love!

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