Make Your Fundraiser a Success with an Easy to Sell School Spiritwear Program

Look around at the student body, faculty, and fans the next time you attend a rally or school-sponsored event. How many people are wearing T-shirts or sweatshirts bought at previous school spiritwear fundraising programs? It’s fun to be true to your school when there are so many wardrobe options available!

School Spiritwear Fundraising Items and Programs Available

Knit caps display your logo against a variety of colors. Wrap a scarf to keep your neck warm at football games and let the ends fall free to display your school name! There are so many fantastic fundraising items to choose from at your school’s customized online spiritwear shop. School spiritwear fundraising programs work with large and small schools. The setup fee is affordable. Get the school’s logo on all the items in the initial order, even when you just choose the mix and match special with a minimum order. Special tees present a casual uniform appearance for band members or spelling bee competitors. Forget that frantic feeling when counting heads at the zoo or museum. It’s easy for a child to locate the group and vice versa when they are wearing the same tee with school colors, mascot and name.

Ideas to Market Your Online Spiritwear Shop and Fundraising Program

Get input from parents and kids before deciding what to offer. Make a flyer with 5 to 10 online spiritwear shop items under consideration for the next school or group fundraiser. Attach it to the next email update to parents or make it a PowerPoint display at the next PTA meeting. Emphasize the advantage of parents, students, family, faculty, and friends showing school spirit. It’s easy to do by wearing a quality tee, sweatshirt, or other article branded with the school’s name. Schools can sign up for an online spiritwear shop to begin selling t-shirts and merchandise 24/7. Make your fundraiser a success!

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