Make Spirit Wear Fundraising Easy

Spirit Wear FundraiserSchool fundraising isn’t always the most fun thing to do. Fundraising committees need to devote a lot of time to plan and execute the fundraiser. Parents are sometimes asked to volunteer in addition to making purchases or donating. However, some fundraisers are actually enjoyable for everyone involved, including ones involving spirit wear. Spirit wear fundraising is effective, and we offer a program that makes it easy as well.
Easy Sell Spirit Wear
We offer a couple of different spirit wear programs at Win-Win. Our top option is the Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program. It’s one of the most convenient options in the entire industry. There’s no cost and no risk, which means no worries! We take care of almost everything, which frees up time for you to take care of other things for your PTO or PTA.
Quality Custom Garments
We offer the hottest clothing styles, including these top sellers: T-shirts, tie-dyes, crewnecks and hoodies. Did you know that these items account for about 93% of all spirit wear sales? Spirit wear programs that feature them are sure to be a hit! To make it even better, we have the best custom designs in the industry. We’ve created logos for a variety of markets: elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, sports teams and more! Here’s a sample of our designs. At Win-Win, we don’t just create great-looking designs; we create great-looking designs that appeal to the target market, whatever it may be. We do our homework to get to know your school and your customers so that we can create spirit wear that will help you meet your fundraising goals. You can even count on us to assist with price-setting so you aren’t left guessing about what will work best.
Easy Ordering
Ordering methods are almost as important as the spirit wear itself. If ordering isn’t simple and doesn’t make a good impression, your profits will be impacted. That’s why we provide eye-catching, full-color custom order forms that show off your spirit wear garments and make it simple to place an order. We’ll print as many forms as you need so you don’t run out. You could also choose to sell using an online spirit wear store. People love the 24/7 convenience that allows them to order spirit wear anytime from anywhere. Don’t worry about sorting through all of the orders. We’ll do it for you! Yep, we manage all orders. We check them for errors, tally them for accuracy and make sure everything is in order.
Fast Turn Times
We produce spirit wear using our state-of-the-art in-house decorating equipment. This ensures fast turn times so there’s not a big gap between your order deadline and delivery date. We poly-bag each order with a copy of the order form on top so that when the spirit wear arrives at the school, delivery is a breeze! You’ll also receive your profit check at that time.
Give Spirit Wear Fundraising a Try
It could be tough for you to find a fundraising program as simple and effective as the Easy Sell Program. It’s back-to-school time, which means it’s peak spirit wear season! Learn more or begin a program by contacting us at 1-877-6-WINWIN (694-6946) or by submitting a free proposal.

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