Let Us Do the Work

Let Us Do the WorkWhat are some of the challenges your fundraising committee faces? In many instances, it’s a lack of time and difficulty getting volunteers to help out because of the necessary work. Luckily, fundraising doesn’t have to be difficult. You just have to pick the right kind of fundraiser. Let us do the work for you by partnering with us for a school or youth sports team spirit wear program.
Cost-Free, Worry-Free Fundraising
We make spirit wear fundraising simple by offering quality products and a full range of services. The great thing is that it all comes at no cost! Our Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program is designed to ensure our clients are never left hanging with a difficult list of to-dos. We will either perform tasks for you or give you the assistance and resources you need to get things done with no problems.
Make Your Program Your Own
Spirit wear fundraising is appealing because you are able to format your program to suit your particular needs. You get to select your garments and set your prices. We will help you out by applying our marketing and sales knowledge to ensure you get maximum return from your target audience. All you have to do is provide us with an overview of your school size and customer demographics. Then, we’ll suggest garment styles and pricing so that you hit that “sweet spot” with your customers that will maximize your profits. In addition, we’ll use that same knowledge to create a custom design that will appeal to your customers and get them excited to buy!
Stress-Free Ordering
Some fundraisers create stress and work because of complicated ordering methods and time-consuming tallying. That’s not the case with the Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program. We provide two convenient ordering methods: custom, full-color order forms and an online spirit wear store. We will print as many order forms as you need and ship them to you at no cost. They are easy to understand, include detailed instructions just in case and showcase your custom apparel in an eye-catching way. All we ask from you is to hand them out, collect them and ship them back to us. We will tally the totals and follow-up on any issues so that you don’t have to. The online spirit store provides 24/7 ordering convenience, and we manage the entire ordering process. The store is safe and secure, so your customers can order from anywhere at any time without any concerns. As a bonus, we’ll provide you with an Easy Sell Checklist, which provides tips on how to promote your program to get more attention and increase your sales!
Easy Distribution
After your order deadline, we’ll produce your spirit wear and make it easy for you to get your customers their spirit wear. That’s because we individually bag each order and include a copy of the order form. Orders are shipped to the school, where distribution is as simple as reading the names and handing out the bags. Your profit check will be included with the spirit wear, so there’s no need for you to follow up to find out where your money is!
Sit Back & Let Us Do the Work
You won’t find a school or team fundraiser as worry-free as ours. So why not get started and then relax as we go to work for you? To get more information or begin a program, call 1-877-6-WINWIN (694-6946) or complete a free proposal and we’ll contact you.

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