Increase Your PTO/PTA Membership with These Tips

  Growth chart of people   You’re probably aware that being on a PTO/PTA requires quite a bit of time and work. You’ve probably also thought that things would be so much easier if your PTO/PTA membership was higher and you had more willing people to help out. The problem is getting the parents at your school to commit the time and effort. So what do you do? Here are some tips that will help boost your PTO/PTA membership.


You can’t assume that parents will seek out your organization. If you’re looking for members, you need to go to them and ask if they are willing to be involved. Do it in person, because flyers, letters and social media posts are not personal enough. Create a connection with them and make them feel wanted.

Keep It Simple

You will be more likely to boost your PTO/PTA membership if you make it clear that you are a team that will make things as simple as possible for everyone. Yes, there is going to be a time commitment and some work involved, but do everything possible to reassure potential members that you aren’t requiring a lot out of them. Keep meetings as short as possible and limit the number of work-requiring tasks like school fundraisers so members don’t feel like they are giving up a bunch of their time. Instead, look for fundraisers like spirit wear programs that are easy to pull off and have great success.

Make It Cheap

Many people are very conscious about their money and aren’t willing to spend it freely. That’s why you should do whatever possible to keep costs low for PTO/PTA members. Make sure your organization’s budget will cover as much as possible so members aren’t asked to contribute out of their own pockets. Keep travel in mind as well, and don’t require members to spend a lot of time and gas money to get to and from events. To help out, focus on your organization’s school fundraising efforts to bring in the money you need that way.

Make It Fun

You will have more success increasing your PTO/PTA membership if your organization has a reputation for being fun. Make it something that people want to join. Not every PTO/PTA event has to be work-related. Adult-only dinners/picnics or evenings on the town will reward members for being a part of the PTO/PTA.


Keep everyone in the loop! Make sure all of your members know what’s going on at all times. Take clear meeting minutes and send them to all members or post them where everyone will have a chance to see them. Call, email or send letters to members to keep everyone on the same page when there’s an upcoming event. You don’t want any confusion. A well-organized group will be more appealing to potential members.

Say Thank You

People like to be appreciated, so thank all of your PTO/PTA members whenever they help out. It’s a simple gesture that can go a long way. If your organization has a reputation for putting its people first, you’re more likely to succeed in increasing your PTO/PTA membership.

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