Increase Your Fundraising Money with Spirit Wear

Increase Fundraising Money with Spirit Wear There are so many ways for PTOs/PTAs to fundraise these days, but some fundraising programs work better than others. It all depends on the target market and what they are willing to spend their money on. If you really do your research, you’ll find that one of the most profitable fundraising methods is spirit wear. The numbers don’t lie, so why don’t you increase your fundraising money with spirit wear? How does Win-Win’s spirit wear help increase your fundraising money? There are many reasons. For starters, you get to set your price point on your spirit wear garments. You know your target market and what they’re willing to spend, and you’ll be able to use that knowledge to select the perfect prices to maximize your sales and your profit! Customers are more willing to spend their money if they know exactly what they are getting in return. They can’t always sample at a bake sale or receive a guarantee they’ll win the perfect prize at a raffle. But Win-Win enables customers to see exactly what spirit wear garments look like by providing full-color custom order forms. The order forms show pictures of the spirit wear and all of the important details, including every custom design and every color. It’s the closest they can get to seeing the actual items without having them in their hands! To increase your fundraising money, you have to promote, promote, promote and make it easy for customers to buy. Win-Win puts a number of tools in your hands to do exactly that! We developed an Easy Sell Checklist that details all of the best ways to advertise your spirit wear fundraiser. All you need to do is follow the tips in the checklist, and there’s no way people won’t know exactly what your spirit wear program is all about! We’ll also set up a custom online spirit wear store that customers can use to see and purchase spirit wear. It’s perfect for people who live far away, love online shopping or are leery about putting their credit card information on paper. We’ll post a link to your online store on our Facebook page that you can share, and we’ll also send you a photo and e-link that you can use to post on places like the school website. With so many benefits and the assistance of Win-Win, there’s no reason not to give spirit wear a try! If you want to increase your fundraising money, contact us today!

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