How Opening An Online Spirit Wear Store As A Fundraiser is Easy to Set Up, Advertise, and Earn a Profit

Opening an online spirit wear store to sell school spirit wear and spirit merchandise is an excellent way to raise funds for the school. The school can partner with Win-Win to get the store off the ground. Win-Win provides all the products and shares in the profits with the school. The school can enter the fundraising business with little effort on its part.

Set Up and Advertising an Online Spirit Wear Store

The school can advertise the store, but they do not need to have any of the products on-hand. Once they are purchased, these products are shipped directly to parents and students, and those families and students alike can obtain all the spirit wear they need to support the school. The school receives reports on sales, and they can push certain sales that are happening on the site to make room for new products.

Profits On School Spirit Items

When the school is advertising its store, it can share in the profits from the site. Win-Win receives some of the profits from the site, and they give the remaining profits to the school. These arrangements are done between Win-Win and the school. Win-Win can negotiate with the school system, and they can set a contract that allows protection for the school system. Win-Win’s only desire is to make sure that the school can raise as much money as possible on school spirit items. When a school needs to raise funds for supplies and for other school activities, the school needs to ensure that it is using a school store. The online spirit wear store can be turned into a fundraiser and it will help the business pay for things that it could not afford otherwise. Win-Win sets up the website for the school and gives the school all the resources it needs to advertise the store.

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