How an Online School Spirit Shop Minimizes Cost and Maximizes Sales

The first time a school organization decides to offer spirit wear for fundraising, they can be overwhelmed with so many options. If the school has to purchase the spirit wear up front, this can be a risky option. The person making the choice for how many t-shirts, bottles, or backpacks the school wants to sell may underestimate the popularity of certain items, while overestimating others.

No Risk, No Cost Approach to Spirit Wear

Instead, Win Win Spiritwear has come up with a no-risk, no cost option for schools to sell spirit wear. This takes the choices of “how many” and “which ones” out of the hands of the representative and puts it back into the hands of those who will be purchasing spirit wear from the school.

Online School Spirit Shop Makes It Easy to Sell with No Risk

Since Win Win has a nearly endless variety of clothing options for printing, parents and kids can simply go online to the school store to buy what they like. Generally, bulk orders have lower wholesale costs, but Win Win has given the pricing strategies for t-shirts and merchandise to the school to set. T-shirts, sweats, and mascot-oriented items are favorites year after year. Schools can still choose the option to stock t-shirts and merchandise in an on-location store inside the school as well as have an online school spirit shop. In tandem with a student-sponsored online school spirit shop, the school can sell many more items than what is popular.

Minimize Cost and Maximize Exposure

Local print shops and vendors are great for small jobs, but Win Win plans to be the best over other spirit wear companies to minimize costs and maximum exposure. The ideal vendor for any item is one that can guarantee, in writing, prompt delivery, exact reproduction of custom designs at reorder, and easy, no hassle selling.

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