Have You Downloaded “Spiritwear Success” Yet?

Spiritwear Success

Are you doing a spirit wear fundraiser right now? Do you have a program coming up or plan to do one in the fall? Regardless of when you do it, you don’t want to be unprepared. Maximize your sales with good preparation and promotion. You can find all kinds of great advice in “Spiritwear Success: How to Sell Spiritwear and Make Money for Your School, PTO, PTA or Team.” We created “Spiritwear Success” to be the ultimate how-to guide for spirit wear fundraising. It doesn’t matter who your target market is or what your goals are, you will find valuable information that you can use. Even better, the guide is free! Win-Win offers no cost-no risk spirit wear, so why would we charge for this material? “Spiritwear Success” includes tips for choosing the right garments, getting the best and most effective custom designs, marketing your fundraiser so that you have no shortage of customers, and so much more! If there’s ever anything that you’re unsure about during the spirit wear fundraising process, it can provide you with the answer. Spirit wear programs are meant to be fun, not stressful! The tools and tips in the guide were provided by industry experts, and it was written by marketing pros. No matter if you’re targeting students, parents, fans or someone else, you’ll be able to grab their attention, get them interested and close sales! You can claim your guide right on our website. All you need to do is submit a short form to start the download. Save it, print it and use it! We want you to be able to put on your best spirit wear fundraiser ever and have a bunch of fun doing it!

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