Your Guide to Spirit Wear Success

Spirit Wear SuccessFundraising season is fast approaching. One of the first things committee members ask when planning is, “What do we need to do to have success?” At Win-Win, we do everything possible to help our clients maximize their spirit wear fundraising profits. Committees can help themselves by taking advantage of available resources to increase their spirit wear success. One of them we offer is a FREE download.
Introducing “Spiritwear Success”
When you download “Spiritwear Success: How to Sell Spiritwear and Make Money for Your School, PTO, PTA or Team,” you’ll get the answers to the most common spirit wear questions. The guide is filled with helpful tips and best practices to implement a hit spirit wear program. It applies to a wide range of fundraisers, from those new to spirit wear to those who have done multiple programs and from groups fundraising for schools to those fundraising for sports teams. “Spiritwear Success” covers all of the important topics, so you’ll be prepared when putting together your program. It will explain what to look for when choosing custom designs that will grab attention, and it will provide insight on how to select the hottest clothing items that customers demand. You’ll also learn some ways to market your fundraiser to get customers excited about placing orders.
Get Your Guide Today
Don’t leave your spirit wear success to chance! Get the tools from industry professionals that will help you pull off a fundraiser with great results while having a lot of fun along the way. To download “Spiritwear Success,” click here, fill out the short form and click submit. For more information or to begin a spirit wear program, call 1-877-6-WINWIN (694-6946) or send in a free proposal.

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