Go Green for Earth Day

Earth Day Have you checked your calendar? Today is an important day. It’s Earth Day! Many schools have Earth Day programs to teach students what it’s all about, and teachers take them outside to help make a difference in the community. Individuals and organizations around the world also make an extra effort to improve the environment. If there’s ever a day to “go green,” it’s today. Earth Day is an annual event first held in 1970, and it is currently recognized and celebrated by more than 193 countries. The goal of Earth Day is to bring awareness to environmental issues and support positive environmental changes. Popular Earth Day projects include “unplugging” to conserve energy, walking or biking to reduce vehicle exhaust, recycling, composting and planting trees. Does your PTO or PTA have anything planned for Earth Day? If not, don’t worry. There are plenty of impromptu things you can throw together. You can do something as easy as putting together a group to pick up garbage or recyclable material. You could also get permission from the school, community or even a fellow parent to plant a tree or similar greenery. Keep this in mind when planning for next year’s activities. Every little bit helps when it comes to the environment. If your school has green as a school color, today is a great day for you! Hopefully, everyone remembered to wear their spirit wear. What better day to have the hallways and playgrounds filled with green?! Here’s an idea to stash away for future reference: Get some spirit wear for the Earth Day festivities. If your school or organization puts together a cleanup or tree-planting event, we can provide custom apparel to help you show your school and Earth pride! If you really want to get into the Earth Day spirit, you can even get organic spirit wear garments. We offer items like this and this that are made using 100% organic cotton. There are also a number of other garments made with some recycled materials. Visit our blank garment showroom and search for the keyword “organic” to find a complete selection of environmentally friendly garments.

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