Get All the Spirit Wear You Need with a Bulk Buy

Bulk Buy Spirit Wear 7 Regardless of what you’ve got going on — school activity or sporting event — spirit wear is a must-have. It not only builds a community-based atmosphere, but also can help fundraising committees make good profits. Even though summer is here, there are still plenty of opportunities for PTOs or PTAs to sell spirit wear. A great solution is to sign up for a bulk buy. Win-Win’s Bulk Buy Program is the simple way to get custom apparel at wholesale prices for your school or sports squads. Summer is a time for games, trips and extracurricular activities, and bulk buy spirit wear is great for teams, fans, classes and graduates. It includes a wide range of garments including: T-shirts, tie-dyes, sweatshirts, sweatpants, shorts, hats, jackets and more. You can get anything from our blank garment showroom! In addition, you can get spirit merchandise in bulk. Our spirit merchandise options include: auto accessories, water bottles, sports balls, banners and much, much more. If you check out our online spirit merchandise shop, you can choose from more than 800,000 items! Our graphic designers are highly skilled and can develop custom designs for any group and any occasion. Spirit wear and spirit merchandise stand out from other items because of the logo, and you can count on getting a product that will turn heads. Different custom designs appeal to different people depending on their gender and age. We have marketing know-how that allows us to produce spirit wear that will appeal to the greatest percentage of your target market, which will help you maximize your sales! With a bulk buy, you can either get an exact count of what you need and let us know, or order extras so that you’ll have leftovers for later. We offer superior decorating methods and fast turn times, plus customer service that will make things easy for you. You can’t ask for much more from a fundraising program! To learn more about our Bulk Buy Program or get started, call 1-877-6-WINWIN (694-6946) or fill out a free proposal. We can make your school, organization or team shine while helping you raise big money!

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