Get an Online Spirit Wear Store for Your Program

Online Spirit Wear StoreWe’ve all lost things at some point in our lives, and kids are especially notorious for losing track of things. That’s not what you want to hear if you’re a member of a fundraising committee hoping to bring in a bunch of orders. Spirit wear programs typically utilize paper order forms as the standard ordering method. However, it is a concern to some groups that the forms will get lost or forgotten with the deadline approaching, which will cut into fundraising profits. Don’t worry; there is a convenient solution — an online spirit wear store!
Ordering at Your Fingertips
With an online spirit wear store, missing order forms are no longer a concern. Customers with internet access can browse and order spirit wear on their computers, tablets and smartphones. This means they don’t have to be near the school to submit their purchases. They can send them in at home, at work or even if they’re out of town.
No Details Left Behind
Online spirit wear stores contain all of the essential information also found on paper order forms. There’s no need to worry that your customers will be missing out on something. The online stores include prices, product images, size options, color options, custom design options, and name/number customization options.
Worry-Free Management
Win-Win’s online spirit stores are designed to make things worry-free for fundraising groups and customers alike. The platform is safe and secure to protect customers’ credit card information. In addition, we manage all orders so there’s no work for you! All order submissions come to us, and we review them and follow up on any potential issues so that we can produce your spirit wear quickly after your order deadline. Then, we’ll ship the orders (and your profit check, too!) with a printout of the order submission on top so distributing the spirit wear to your customers is easy.
Include an Online Spirit Wear Store on Your Program
You can utilize an online spirit wear store for the duration of your Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program. It’s a great way to increase your fundraising dollars! To learn more about our online spirit shops, click here, and be sure to check out our demo store! When you’re ready to get your program going, call 1-877-6-WINWIN (694-6946) or submit a free proposal.

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