Get an Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program in Place Fast

Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program 2 It’s never too late for an Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program. Spirit wear is in demand all year long! If you are looking for a foolproof fundraising idea that will earn big profits and make a positive impact on your school, look no further than Win-Win. Spirit wear fundraisers are successful because they provide the school and community with quality products that students, staff and parents love. You don’t need to work for sales, because the spirit wear sells itself! Win-Win’s Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program is the easiest way to fundraise. We take on most of the work, and you just get to watch the sales roll in. To start, a Win-Win account representative will provide guidance as you select your spirit wear. You determine the prices based on the profit you want to earn. Win-Win has a huge selection of the most popular clothing items, and you can get an idea of your options with our online catalog. We make sure we know exactly who your target customers are so that we can help you make decisions that will increase your sales. Spirit wear is all about showing off your school’s unique style. With Win-Win’s Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program, you’ll have all kinds of customizable options. The spirit wear will be decorated with a custom design showcasing your school name, mascot and colors. Designs are created to fit your target market and are the best in the industry. Check them out here or on Pinterest. Customers can also have their name and/or number added to their garments. Your order materials are completely customized, too. You can use full-color order forms or get your own online spirit wear store. Your customers will be able to see exactly what the items look like, which increases your chances of making a sale. Both the order forms and spirit shop are easy to use, and best of all, we handle all of the orders and take care of any issues. Win-Win provides fast service. Our equipment allows us to get spirit wear garments decorated quickly. Each order is individually bagged and shipped to the school along with your fundraising check. With an Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program, everyone ends up happy! Don’t wait any longer, build school spirit and put a profit check in your pocket with an Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program with Win-Win. Submit a free proposal online or give us a call at 1-877-6-WINWIN (694-6946) to get started.

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