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Free Proposal 2 You might be wondering what the best way to set started with an Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program is. We are happy to speak on the phone or reply via email, or you might like the convenience of our free proposal. Located on our website, a free proposal gives us a snapshot of your school and your needs so that we can best serve you. The free proposal doesn’t take long to fill out, and it simply and clearly provides us with much of the key information we need to set up a successful spirit wear fundraiser for your organization. We like to know things like your school or organization size, school colors and mascot because it helps us make a plan to get the biggest response from your target market. We’ll also collect your contact information so that we can get in touch with you when it is most convenient for you. We do offer a variety of products and services including spirit wear programs, spirit merchandise, bulk buys and online stores, and you’ll be able to let us know specifically what you want and request more information. There is also a field for comments, questions or notes, and that’s where you can really get specific. Ask anything you are wondering about, make sure we are aware of something important, whatever you’d like! When you submit your free proposal, we’ll be notified and review your information. From there, we’ll contact you and begin to get things rolling for your spirit wear fundraiser. If you want a fast and convenient way to get information about our spirit wear or to initiate a program, you’ll love our free proposal page!

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