Garment Sizing Questions … Answered!

Spirit Wear Garment Sizing 2

Whenever a school or team does a spirit wear fundraiser, it’s common for customers to have questions about things like pricing, deadlines and turn times. But more often than not, it’s garment sizing that generates the most questions. People want apparel that fits well and is comfortable, and you want satisfied customers. That’s why Win-Win provides clear answers to all questions! It’s frustrating to purchase a garment only to find that it’s not what you were expecting. If it’s too big or too small, you won’t want to wear it, and that causes you to go through the hassle of returning it or just not wearing it and taking a loss. We help you get the right garments the first time. In addition to having an open line of communication to assist you with any of your needs, our website has a helpful sizing chart. Our garment sizing chart provides information about the most common items included on Easy Sell Spirit Wear Programs — short sleeve T-shirts, long sleeve T-shirts and sweatshirts. It explains the sizing for youth garments from small to large and adult garments from small to 5XL. The sizes are measured in inches — a standard unit that everyone can understand. To find the correct garment size, all you need is a cloth tape measure. Simply take height measurements from the top of the shoulder down to where you want the bottom of the garment to fall. The width measurement should be taken from armpit to armpit. Compare the measurements to the garment sizing chart to know which size you need. It’s that easy! We want your spirit wear to fit just right, so if you still have questions or don’t see the garment you’re interested in listed on the chart, let us know! You can give us a call at 1-877-6-WINWIN (694-6946), and an account representative will help you out.

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