Expect the Best in Customer Service

Spirit Wear Customer Service 4 Spirit wear programs are designed to be enjoyable, effective and easy. Whether or not you receive all of those things comes down to one thing: customer service. Sure, your sales could be great, but if it took a lot of effort to get them, you still might think twice about doing it again. Convenience is often desired just as much as results. That’s why you should have high standards about the customer service you receive. Many spirit wear companies offer similar products. But the kind of service they offer can be all over the board. Before you make a final decision about which one to work with, make sure you do your homework to get an idea of how the partnership will work. Some companies may be more hands-off and put the bulk of the work in your hands, while others will step in and contribute often for the duration of your program. At Win-Win, we want you to enjoy our customer service as much as you enjoy our spirit wear. To do it, we go all out … so much so that we use the motto “We do the work. You keep the profit.” If you read about our Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program, you’ll see that the tasks on your checklist are limited, and we help out every step of the way. Product selection, promotion, ordering and issue resolution are all areas where we step in and provide assistance (or even handle it all). Our website also has a variety of resources to add to your customer service experience. For starters, we have a FAQ page that provides answers to many of the commonly asked questions about our business and services. There’s also return information and an online customer care form that can be submitted if there is a problem with a product. Finally, we want to help you avoid the frustration of getting a spirit wear garment that doesn’t fit correctly. We created a garment sizing chart to put your mind at ease. Our goal is to offer customer service that can’t be matched by any other spirit wear company. To find out more about us or to begin a program, give us a call at 1-877-6-WINWIN (694-6946) or fill out a free proposal.

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