Everybody Loves Easy Sell Spirit Wear

Easy Sell Spirit Wear 2 There are few fundraising products that can match the appeal of Easy Sell spirit wear. Customers love it because it’s unique, and sellers love it because it’s a simple way to earn large profits. Spirit wear is perfect for elementary schools, middle schools and youth sports teams, and as long as school is in session, spirit wear is in season! Win-Win’s Easy Sell spirit wear is a way for PTOs and PTAs to fundraise without cost, risk or work. You read that correctly; we provide you with a way to earn a profit, and you barely have to raise a finger! Here’s what you can expect: We provide high-quality spirit wear garments and top-notch customer service to create an enjoyable fundraising program for everyone involved. Take a look at our online catalog, and you’ll see some of our most popular apparel — T-shirts, tie-dyes, crewnecks and hoodies. These items are the top sellers, and you get to set the prices based on the profit you want to earn. We’ll provide assistance using our marketing expertise to help you make the biggest impact on your target market. Your Easy Sell spirit wear will be decorated with a custom design created to appeal to your customers, whether they’re from a younger or older age group. Our designs include your school’s name, mascot and colors and will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen! We recently uploaded a bunch of our latest creations to our Pinterest board and now have almost 150 designs you can use to get your imagination going. We make selling a breeze because we offer two easy-to-use ordering methods. We can design and print you full-color order forms or set up an online spirit wear store. Both will show your customers what the garments will look like, so there’s no guesswork for them. The convenience will make them more likely to purchase, which will increase your bottom line! With paper order forms, all you need to do is send them to us, and we’ll take it from there. Online orders are submitted directly to us on our secure platform, so there’s nothing for you to do there. Once the orders are compiled, your work (if you can even call it that) is done! We’ll process the orders and payments and follow up with customers if there are any issues. After the order deadline, we’ll go to work decorating your garments. Our equipment is top-of-the-line and turns out great-looking garments fast! Our Easy Sell spirit wear will look and feel great and will last a long time. Each order is individually bagged and shipped to the school and can even be sorted by teacher or room. Your fundraising check with arrive with the order, so there’s no waiting around on your end! It’s simple to get an Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program started. All you need to do is submit a free proposal or call 1-877-6-WINWIN (694-6946). We can get you the perfect spirit wear for the spring!

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