Enjoy the Convenience of an Online Spirit Wear Store

Online Spirit Wear Store 6 One of the keys to running a profitable spirit wear fundraiser is providing your customers with an easy way to order. If the ordering process is confusing and inconvenient, you’ll miss out on sales. There are typically two ordering methods for spirit wear programs: paper forms and an online spirit wear store. At Win-Win, we offer both and give you the option of selecting the one that works best for you. Each has its advantages, and this post is dedicated to describing the spirit stores we provide. Online spirit wear stores are ideal if your target market is tech-savvy and has easy access to a computer, tablet or smartphone. The great thing about an online store is that it allows you to sell spirit wear and spirit merchandise anywhere 24/7. As long as your customers have internet access, they can place an order wherever they are and whenever they want. This allows you to expand your fundraiser more than you’d be able to do with paper order forms. Our online spirit wear stores are user-friendly and allow customers to see all of the product options — every color and every custom design. They’ll be able to see exactly what the spirit wear will look like before they place an order. And placing an order is simple. All the customer needs to do is click on their preferred garment style and choose their size, color and custom design. And if they want to personalize their garment, they can enter their name and/or number to be placed on the back. Then, they just add the item to their shopping cart and check out when they’re ready. Our spirit stores are designed for safe and secure credit card processing, and we take the work out of your hands by managing the entire ordering process! We help you promote your online spirit wear store by providing you with an e-link that you can send to customers so that they’ll have easy access to the store. We’ll also post the link on our Facebook page so that you can share it with all of your friends and get it to go viral. After your fundraiser’s deadline, we’ll produce your items and ship them directly to your customers and get you your profit check. Want to get an idea of exactly how our online spirit wear stores look and work? Check out our demo store. With an online spirit shop, your fundraiser can be a big hit! To learn more or to get a program started, call 1-877-6-WINWIN (694-6946) or submit a free proposal.

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