Embroidery for Your Gear

Embroidery Included among the many options you have for spirit wear are decorating methods. Screen printing, embroidery, rhinestone application, sequin application and heat transfer are just a few. You’re probably familiar with screen printing because it’s the most common. However, embroidery is also very popular and works better than screen printing in some instances. Read on to learn more about embroidery and its many benefits. What’s the difference between screen printing and embroidery? In simple terms, screen printing involves placing an image on a garment with ink, whereas embroidery involves sewing the image with thread. With screen printing, ink is pushed through a screen onto the spirit wear. Screen printing is great for detailed designs that may include shading or gradients. Screen printing is the preferred method for T-shirts, which is why it’s used more than other decorating methods. Screen printing does have its limits, which is where embroidery comes in. Screen printing does not work as well on certain items like those that have a rough surface or thick or fuzzy material. Because embroidered logos are sewn into items, those obstacles are not an issue. Embroidery is also viewed as a more professional-looking form of decoration, and it’s longer-lasting than screen printing. So if you’re looking for classy apparel with a logo that will last longer than the rest, embroidery is the way to go! What are some specific spirit wear items that you should embroider? Among the most common are hats like baseball caps and beanies. Embroidery also looks great on outerwear like jackets and fleeces, or on polo shirts. There are also a number of spirit merchandise items that can be customized with embroidery. Backpacks, gym bags, blankets and towels, to name a few. When you consider the spirit wear items that look best with embroidery, you probably think of sports first. That’s not surprising. Players use caps and gym bags. Coaches wear polos. Parents and fans can be found sporting any number of the previously mentioned items. If you’re involved with a team or a fundraising committee, why not offer embroidered spirit wear to everyone involved? Here at Win-Win, you can fundraise with our Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program or just get items in bulk with our Bulk Buy Program. You’ll get great-looking custom designs and quality embroidery that will stand out and allow wearers to show off their school and team pride. To learn more, call 1-877-6-WINWIN (694-6946) or fill out a free proposal.

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