Customize to Your Heart’s Content

Customize Spirit Wear There are many reasons why spirit wear and spirit wear fundraisers are great. One of the most popular aspects is the customization. With spirit wear, you and your customers can customize like crazy! Our Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program allows you to customize everything to really build that spirit and bring in those profits! What can you customize with Win-Win? Maybe it’s better to ask, “What can’t I customize?” It all begins with your custom design. Our graphic designers will use your school mascot and colors to create a logo that is completely unique and perfect for your target market. The custom design will be printed on each of your spirit wear garments, so it’s really the centerpiece of your program. We’ll also customize your order forms and online spirit wear store so your customers can see EXACTLY what their spirit wear will look like. Generic ordering methods are not enough. We understand that people want to have a great idea of what they’re purchasing. And since they can’t try on the garments first, we want to make sure the order forms and spirit store are in full color and show the items with the designs on them. And for some icing on the cake, we let your buyers customize their items even more by getting their name and/or number printed on the back. Every person has a unique style, and that’s a great way to let them really go above and beyond. The name and number personalization allows them to make their unique spirit wear items even more one-of-a-kind! If you want to work with a spirit wear company that puts customization front and center, you want to work with Win-Win!

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