Customize Everything for Your Program

Customize Everything One size does not fit all when it comes to spirit wear programs. As they say, “Variety is the spice of life.” So why would you want your spirit wear fundraiser to be treated like everyone else’s? At Win-Win, we allow you to customize everything so that your program can reflect the uniqueness of your school! There’s no standard template with us. Our Easy Sell Program gives you a multitude of options from start to finish, allowing you to cater your spirit wear fundraiser to fit the needs of your organization and school. You get to select whichever garments you want to sell from our catalog and can set the selling prices to best fit your market and goals. Then, the real fun begins when our skilled designers develop one (or even a couple) awesome, custom-designed logos for your spirit wear. If you want to make some adjustments, no problem! We’re not happy unless you’re happy. But it’s not over there. Our customize everything approach extends into the sales process. There’s nothing generic with Win-Win. When it’s time for your spirit wear fundraiser to begin, we’ll print you custom, full-color order forms to hand out. There’s no better way to grab attention and showcase your items! That is, unless you or your customers love technology. That’s because we also set you up with your very own custom online spirit wear store! It’s a web page designed specifically for your school that features your products and allows your customers to make purchases 24/7 from their computer, tablet or smartphone. Your customers also can get in on the fun of customization when they place an order. We allow them to personalize their merchandise by getting their name and/or number printed on the back. If you’re looking for a spirit wear program that puts you in control and gives you the absolute freedom to make it whatever you want, look no further! Win-Win encourages you to customize everything because everyone deserves something unique!

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