Customization Options Galore


Every spirit wear company can put its own unique spin on merchandise. Customization is what makes spirit wear so appealing. But not every company offers the same options, especially when it comes to delivering a completely one-of-a-kind spirit wear experience. Customization goes beyond logos, so do your homework and make sure you aren’t getting short-changed. Let’s start with spirit wear garments. The obvious starting point is the design. It’s not truly spirit wear if your T-shirts or other apparel aren’t decorated with custom-designed logos. Depending on your needs, you may even want to be able to offer your customers a couple of choices. But that doesn’t have to be all. Personalization options are popular and allow customers to get their stamp on their gear. This includes names and numbers on the backs of garments. Spirit wear is unique on its own, and the name and/or number is a nice extra touch. Spirit wear that includes names and numbers is perfect for sports teams to wear off the field or for parents and fans to wear while cheering on the teams. And even if the customer isn’t involved in sports, they can get their name or nickname on the item to stand out in a crowd and have some fun. Fun is what spirit wear is all about, right? Customization shouldn’t be limited to just garments. A great way to ensure a successful fundraiser is to have customized, great-looking and easy-to-understand ordering methods. If you’re going to use paper order forms, don’t be satisfied with a generic form that anyone could create in a couple of minutes. The best order forms are appealing and show off what the spirit wear looks like. You should expect full-color order forms with photos. If online is more your thing, get an online store that shows photos of the items, is simple to use and is secure. And don’t forget to include the name and number options! Where can you find a spirit wear company that offers all of these customization options? Right here at Win-Win! That’s right; we put you in control by offering a huge assortment of choices to make your spirit wear program truly unique. Our Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program will give you exactly what you’re looking for in a fundraiser. It’s free, and we do most of the work! To learn more or to get started, call 1-877-6-WINWIN (694-6946) or submit a free proposal.

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