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Spirit Wear Customer Service 3 There are two major things to consider when selecting a spirit wear company to work with for a school fundraiser. The first is obviously the product. Your program will not be a success if it does not include quality spirit wear. The second is customer service. It might not be the qualification at the top of your list, but you’ll be surprised how much easier your job will be when you receive top-notch customer service. At Win-Win, we go above and beyond to provide PTOs and PTAs the customer service they deserve. It’s part of the reason we like to promote our spirit wear program as spirit wear fundraising made easy. We do numerous things to make things easy for our clients. Here are a few: We provide guidance to all of our clients for the duration of their Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program. We begin by helping you select spirit wear garments and set prices. And we don’t just take shots in the dark; we use our marketing expertise to help you pick the RIGHT garments and set the RIGHT prices based on your target market to help maximize your profit. In addition, the custom designs we create for your spirit wear will be made to fit your customers perfectly. We also help you promote sales by providing custom, full-color order forms and an online spirit wear store. And our Easy Sell Checklist will help you promote your fundraiser in a variety of other ways — with posters, online and more! We make things worry-free during the ordering process by answering any questions your customers have and addressing any issues that arise. We’ll fulfill orders quickly and respond to any follow-up questions or problems promptly. And the best part for you is that we take care of everything. There’s no stress for you! We have many helpful resources on our website, including a customer service section. It includes a Customer Care Form to submit if there’s an issue, return information, frequently asked questions and a garment sizing chart for your customers’ convenience. And we are always available to assist you or your customers. Just email Chris at or give us a call at 1-877-6-WINWIN (694-6946).

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