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Custom Spirit Wear ProposalOne of the main questions fundraising organizations ask when researching spirit wear is, “How does the program work?” Some information is available on the websites of spirit wear companies, but to really understand all of the details, a conversation with a company representative is necessary. Even then, it can take some time to get a clear understanding until the company gets to know you and you get to know the company. At Win-Win, we offer a more convenient solution: the custom spirit wear proposal!
What is a Custom Spirit Wear Proposal?
Our custom spirit wear proposal (AKA free proposal) is a simple way to request additional information about our programs. It’s an online form that only takes a couple minutes to fill out. It serves as an initial contact point between fundraising organizations (PTOs, PTAs, etc.) and us. When we receive a submission, we review the information and then contact you back with information about program options that are completely customized for you. And, yes, it’s free. We do proposals at no cost with no commitment necessary!
How Does It Work?
There isn’t a universal spirit wear program that applies to every situation. There are all kinds of options available. The type of program depends on factors like school size and fundraising goals. The custom spirit wear proposal is our way of gathering as much information as we can upon initial contact. That way, we can provide some program options that apply to your situation. We like to know school/organization size, colors, mascot, estimated program start date, and, of course, contact information. You can request information or express interest in any or all of the following: Easy Sell Spirit Wear, Bulk Buy Spirit Wear, Spirit Merchandise and an Online Spirit Wear Store.
Spirit Wear Season is Heating Up
More and more schools are getting back in session every day, and this is the peak time to do a spirit wear fundraiser. Take a couple minutes to submit a custom spirit wear proposal and find out how we can help you earn some good profits to start the school year. You can also reach us by phone at 877-6-WINWIN (694-6946).

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